Conservatives echo TrumpSouth Carolina Gov arsenal’s stan kroenke makes offer to take full ownership of club

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wholesale jerseys from china Follow CNN Politics”Ahead of the Superbowl tonight, let’s not forget that protest is patriotic whether you take a knee, raise a fist, sit down or stand up. We love America,” Booker wrote.White House counselor Kellyanne Conway defended Trump’s position in a pre Super Bowl interview on Sunday.”In my house and in many other households across this country we say, ‘You take a knee for the Lord and you stand for the flag,'” she told “Fox and Friends.”At Sunday’s game, the players all stood during the anthem.Trump said he asked Vice President Mike Pence to walk out of a football game last year because of the protest, which the pair have said disrespects the American flag and US service members.Patriots quarterback Tom Brady broke with Trump on the issue last fall, calling Trump’s comments “just divisive.”If there are protesting players at the Super Bowl, NBC is set to show them, and the NFL told CNN Money ahead of the game that it does not plan to keep players in their locker rooms and that there is no rule preventing players from protesting.A White House official told CNN that Trump has opted out of a pre Super Bowl interview with NBC, which is televising the game.Conservatives echo TrumpSouth Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster and Nebraska Gov. wholesale jerseys from china

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