His seven shutout frames allowing just three hits and two

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Their level of play just hasn’t made the cut, and it seems like a mental thing (at least for Shaquem). It seems like a solid majority of sports players talk about their sport and their training on social media a bit, but I ain’t seeing it from these two, and, frankly, it makes sense that I wouldn’t. I think the two are just really distracted by all this other stuff (maybe even by each other?), and that it doesn’t leave time to be a professional athlete (which, as I understand, requires 24/7 commitment (Russ getting woken up every other hour when his jaw was wired shut, anyone??))More power to ’em, and I doubt they’ll be broke anytime soon, but damn, it seems like a waste.

Episode 7 war ja auch irgendwie nur ein mder Abklatsch von Episode 4. Hatte mich damals gergert, dafr Geld im Kino ausgegeben zu haben. Rogue One fand ich okay. Entering the postseason, Chacin (W, 1 0) had allowed 14 runs in his last 16.2 innings pitched. His seven shutout frames allowing just three hits and two walks will be remembered for a long time. Aaron Ochsenbein did his part in relief tossing two perfect innings not allowing a baserunner to slam the door..

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