I had a hard time walking when I came in

aaron woods says team will galvanise

Instead, i got suckered into an apartment with a shitty deal, because it one of the few places that didn mind that i didn have my permit yet before renting and i didn have much time. But i later found out it got a FIXED TERM CONTRACT aka a specified end date in contract meaning that the only way i can leave before 1 year is up is to find a replacement, which is literally impossible, because only desperate ass people would rent my room and it shit deal, so even college students wouldn pay so much for a shit room. So now you stuck in a shit ass apartment for a year all because you “needed” to have a lease..

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Legit in the shopping centre you can see the reflection of the damn camera man when that dumbass that just runs everywhere grabs a pair of scissors. This series turned out to look like a high school kids media project. The last episode was probs the worst.

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